22 February, 2018
Recorriendo Uruguay Alojamiento, actividades y turismo en Uruguay


Trek around Uruguay on our horses, enjoying the varied natural landscape of prairies, native and exotic forests, hills, marshlands and palm groves. Taste the typical foods, rest in our ranches and inns, enjoy al fresco fireside dining below the star spangled sky, accompanied by a good wine.

Four day course in basic country horse-riding. Bonding with the horse, safety and farm work. ¡Try it; this could be one of the best experiences of your life!

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Because there is a whole country to be discovered, because there is a diversity of flora, fauna and wildlife, because the people are very friendly and Uruguay is still the country with the best level of security in Latin America. Country folk still sleep with their doors open, keys are left inside cars and they never fail to greet each other when passing by.

Previous horse riding experience is not necessary to enjoy the ride

  • we can provide basic instruction.
  • The pace of the trek is adapted to the requirements of the group members; see “family groups”. Personalised attention.
  • The length of the trek can be adapted to suit from one person up to groups of 12 people.
  • Our group of trained horses are specially selected to adapt to the varied demands, rhythms and distances of the treks.
  • It is possible to gallop.
  • We work all year through, adapting the treks and associated activities to the season.
  • Minimum age to ride is 10 years, with experience.
  • We use typical Uruguayan saddles (with sheep hide underneath).
  • Treks can be accompanied by a horse driven cart in case someone does not want to ride or is tired of doing so.
  • The number of our experienced guides is related to the number of riders in a group
  • Treks take you to natural places untouched by tourism.
  • Routes are designed to traverse beautiful landscapes.
  • Large prairies, hills, lagoons, marshlands, palm groves, an extensive variety of native and exotic flora and fauna.
  • Added to the enjoyment of horse riding is the opportunity to learn about Uruguay’s “gaucho” (cowboy) traditions.
  • Respect for the natural environment is key to our activities.
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